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Nike Kasina x Dunk Low '80s Bus' CZ6501-100 Classic Sneakers

Nike Kasina x Dunk Low '80s Bus' CZ6501-100 Classic Sneakers

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80s Bus


Street Style

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Rubber Sole

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Round Toe

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Flat heel

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Nike and Korean retailer Kasina have teamed up to release the Dunk Low ‘80s Bus’, a sneaker inspired by the city buses of Seoul in the 1980s. This limited-edition sneaker features a two-tone color scheme of off-white and navy blue, with hairy suede overlays and a tan suede Swoosh. The lateral heel is embroidered with the Kasina logo, while ‘Kasina’ is printed in Korean lettering on the tongue tag. This retro-inspired sneaker is sure to turn heads, whether you’re rocking it on the streets or on the court.

The Nike Kasina x Dunk Low '80s Bus' CZ6501-100 Classic Sneakers are a highly favored and iconic pair of sneakers within the Nike Dunk series. These sneakers have become extremely popular among sneaker enthusiasts, collectors, and fans of classic and timeless designs.

At first glance, the Nike Kasina x Dunk Low '80s Bus' CZ6501-100 immediately captures attention with its classic and clean design. The shoe’s upper is crafted from premium leather, creating a sleek and polished appearance.

In terms of functionality, the ‘80s Bus’ offers both style and comfort. The design provides a comfortable and supportive fit for everyday wear, making it suitable for various casual and lifestyle occasions.

The ‘80s Bus’ concept is celebrated for its daring and unconventional approach to sneaker design, appealing to sneaker enthusiasts who enjoy making a bold fashion statement and appreciate the unique twist on a classic colorway.

The shoe’s are a stylish and attention-grabbing choice for those who want to stand out and showcase their individual style. The combination of premium materials, a distinctive color scheme, and the iconic Dunk Low silhouette makes these sneakers a unique and fashionable addition to your wardrobe.

In summary, the Nike Kasina x Dunk Low '80s Bus' CZ6501-100 Classic Sneakers represent a fusion of style and individuality. Whether you’re a fan of bold and unique design, a collector of eye-catching sneakers, or someone who appreciates making a fashion statement with their footwear, the shoe's edition is a symbol of personal style and confidence, making it a compelling and fashionable choice for those who value both aesthetics and individuality in their footwear.

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